Company Profile

Ness Technologies is a trusted IT services provider for over 1500 clients worldwide. We are driven to create extraordinary value, efficiency and competitive advantage for our clients through award-winning technology services.

​From software product development to mission critical enterprise applications, commercial software, defense and telecommunications systems - Ness Technologies provides an unmatched combination of IT investment-return and flawless technical execution. That is why more than 85% of our clients return to us every year.

We apply intellectual assets from around the world to our customers´ challenges. Work is completed on-site, near shore, and off -shore, giving customers exceptional flexibility, scale and world-class expertise.

How we do it?

NESS offering reflects know-how and best practices from various market segments. This approach is helping us to better understand our customers' needs and deliver new solutions in accordance with the latest trends and technologies development in each given industry.

  • We transfer proven know-how and best practices from one vertical to another and combine them in creating new innovative solutions
  • We deliver services by "cross teams" specialized on specific solutions and industries
  • As an independent software and hardware integrator with relationships to various technology leaders we bring our customers "best fi t" solution in accordance to their requests, current situation, environment and technology trends​
  • With our knowledge of industries and latest technology trends we are able to cover defined end-to-end processes starting from core systems up to specific applications

EMEA region in our Focus

Operating in the region since 1990, we have built a significant market presence in Central and Eastern Europe. The company is owned by strong investment group CVCI. Currently we are recognized as leading system integrator and added-value IT services and solutions provider with extensive experience and know-how, world-class expertise and an impressive track record.

Our strategy includes regional expansion into the other EMEA countries through intensive business development accompanied by cooperation with local IT services companies in order to bring the global/regional best practices. With almost 500 professionals in the Czech Republic, we leverage advantages of global knowhow and local expertise. We belong to the leaders in area business and IT services on the Czech market.

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