Sales & Processing of Essox Leasing Services

Essox applies for its leasing and credit products administration a complex solution provided by Ness.

During a long-term cooperation there has been developed an extensive information system for efficient client service, and data collection and analysis, which enables flexible responses to ongoing changes on the financial market.

Lease contract conclusion must be fast

The system solution from Ness enables Essox to expand significantly on the domestic financial market and to become one of the largest leasing companies. Essox offers its services through several thousands of sales points and hundreds of contractual used-cars dealers within the whole territory of the Czech Republic.

Prior to implementation of the electronic system for financial services provision support, Essox was using several simple separated applications without mutual interaction for calculation of leasing and credit installments and for subsequent preparation of the contracts. The possibility to mutually interconnect, analyze and centrally handle the processed information was entirely missing.

With the arrival of a foreign investor, the Essox portfolio of provided services has been expanded and provision of financial services has substantially expanded to new sales points and used-car dealers. Thereupon an urgent need arose, to create a robust electronic system that would enable a complex financial services provision process support within the vast sales network, ensure data security and speed of response to the partners´ and customers´ requirements.

Complex request

Ness received a complex request to develop a system that would be able to automate all activities regarding preparation and offer of both lease and credit services. Its main task was to simplify the processes of preparation, approval and contract conclusion performed by salesmen and sales partners. The client must not be restrained by the process, and contract approval must be handled in the shortest possible time. The Essox requirements further implied that individual system components must operate in both an on-line and off -line regime. With reference to the sensitivity of the processed information, a particular emphasis was put on the communication security. An important requirement was also to ensure the full operation on clients´ stations of various level of technical quality and a simple and transparent control of all applications, to be able to secure in particular quick and comfortable customer handling by the Essox sales partners.

Essox needed to arrange the electronic system support mainly for:

  • Vehicle evaluation
  • Calculation of leasing or credit installments and contract proposals through Essox partners
  • Authorization of leasing or credit contract proposal by the headquarter of the company
  • Registration and printing
  • Updating and synchronization of contractual partners´ data with the Essox central database
  • Central system administration

Electronic system for Essox financial services provision support is built on Microsoft technologies.

Market expansion

Thanks to the implementation of the electronic system solution from Ness, Essox has significantly expanded on the domestic financial market and become one of the largest leasing companies. The success of Essox services with its sales partners results mainly from the speed and processing comfort of the concluded contracts. Thanks to the new system, the Essox headquarter is able, for example, to handle a credit or leasing request within 15–30 minutes since its submission by the business partner. It means that the entire customer handling process was shortened to its essential minimum. Thanks to the thorough process of contract and vehicle origin verification, the risk of potential fraud and other commercial machination was also decreased. The Essox partners can fully concentrate on the offering of financial services to their customers. At the same time, Essox benefits from the functions of gathered data analyses. The company uses it successfully to develop new financial products or special offering packages reflecting current trends on the financial market.



ESSOX s.r.o. provides financial leasing and credit services for financing the purchases of consumer goods, passenger and commercial vehicles, as well non-purpose loans. By its turnover, it ranks among the leading installment companies on the Czech market. The company is a member of the financial group Societe Generale; Komerční banka belongs also to the members of this group.

"Our company is dependent on a successful acquisition process. Delivering the complex software solution resulted in not only increase of the data collection efficiency, but also introduction of unambiguous business processes in the company. At the same time, it enabled acceleration of business case processing and increased flexibility of new business opportunities acquisition."

Tomáš Klíma, IT manager Essox, s.r.o.