Customer relationship management for ČSOB corporate clients

Customer care in Československa obchodni banka (ČSOB) gained new energy thanks to implementation of a CRM system. Simple, clear and reliable processing of customer activities information changed the work of client staff and managers.

Now, they address customers in a targeted way, at the right time, and with lower costs, so they easily achieve their goals and fulfill business strategy of the bank.

ČSOB has a modern CRM and it gained competitive advantage thanks to the Ness company

In the most powerful bank of the Central European region - ČSOB, the Ness company has implemented a system of customer management for corporate clients and customer in the form of the institutions. Its implementation has been carried out at the scheduled time of three months, in the initial budget and Ness proved that one can rely on its certified experts even at challenging and transnational projects.

Competitive advantage

Previously, ČSOB stored information on clients and communication with them mostly in electronic documents of MS Excel or text reports. Some documents were saved centrally on a shared disk. Updating these fi les was individual and branches, divisions or staff recorded necessary information on clients in their own files according to their individual habits. Software used for these purposes was morally aging and in increasing competition among banks, where corporate customers play an important role, the bank aimed to improve the customer care quality to its maximal level.

Single tool

All this meant to obtain as quick and accurate response from the bank to customer as possible. Moreover, it was necessary to obtain more detailed and accurate knowledge of client needs in order to offer their actual solution, all at the greatest extent enabled by the current state of software technology.

At the same time, as a result of internal competition, it was necessary to treat the management of ČSOB clients so that both accidental and intentional taking over clients between client staff was prevented. The goal of the solution was to provide users with a single tool. All client data had to be cleaned up of duplicate and outdated information and consequently migrated into the new application. This is why Ness proposed new reports according to specific requirements of ČSOB.

Satisfactory performance

With the system for customer relationship management, the bank primarily expected satisfactory performance and better scalability with constantly growing volumes of data and users. Other important parts of the requirement were security, reliability, user-friendliness, further development and quick implementation. ČSOB solution was created by modifying the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. The key success of Ness is the short implementation period that only took three months. The system is used by approximately 300 users in the Czech Republic complemented by some 150 more users in Slovakia. The users work with six different areas, the major one being the list of clients.

Systematic work with clients

New CRM system earned ČSOB many advantages that primarily consist in supporting systematic work with the portfolio of corporate clients. With the help of Ness, the bank succeeded in improving the quality of customer care thanks to automation of client information and its simpler exchange between ČSOB staff. The CRM implemented by Ness unified tools for registering current and potential clients, which facilitates and simplifies the administration activities and provides the same high level of work quality with client portfolio at different branches. The advantages include support of business strategy fulfillment by conducting more accurate planning and a new option for client staff and managers to evaluate the progress of business activities at any moment, thus facilitating transparent evaluation and staff motivation within the segment.

The CRM greatest experts

Currently, and thanks to the project in ČSOB, Ness employees represent the greatest certified CRM solution experts in Czech Republic. The quality of the solution and Ness is proved by the Microsoft Industry Award 2006 for the best solution in banking, insurance and financial management.

Products and technology

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (including Reporting Services)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0



CSOB group is the leading player in Czech financial services industry. CSOB group is a part of the international bancassurance KBC group which is active in Belgium and the CEE region.

CSOB group builds a strong, long-term partnership with ​each client, whether in personal and family finance, financing SMEs or corporate finance. CSOB group is a good listener who offers suitable solutions, rather than mere products.

 "The direct connection with usual office applications without any additional registration is an asset. The user acceptance is also increased by the intuitive control and relatively high degree of user-friendliness of the selected application."

Martin Pěchouček, Manager of distribution and coordination of ČSOB corporate customers