Customer relationship management for Pension fund of Česká spořitelna

Ness realized another successful project in the banking sector. The case of Pension fund of Česká spořitelna was concerned with business management.

Management of Pension fund and the team of sales managers gained a very strong tool supporting the business strategy due to the implementation of MS Dynamics CRM. Ness was able to deliver the system within just 10 weeks.

Multiple sources of information create obstacles in management

Pension fund leaders recognised that the source materials for strategic decisions in business management are not optimal. Certain sales managers kept the information about their corporate clients in MS Excel fi les. Ultimately, these files were processed manually. In the real time, management had no possibility to assess the success of business process, adherence to the plans by sales managers, and the ability to follow up the cooperation with distribution networks. It was difficult to evaluate the economic side of the relationship with particular customer.

Managing the business means, managing the future

Ness proposed to Pension fund of ČS the resolution for implementation of the MS Dynamics CRM 4.0. The realization of this project from the beginning to handover of the functional system (including the user training) took only 10 weeks. At present time, the business process of Pension fund is very transparent. Ness proposed alternatives of effective assessments of business activities and furthermore, the ability to foresee the amount of new business. Based on this prospect, it is possible to manage cash flow more effectively. The same predictability and ability to evaluate comes with adhering to the plans by sales managers. It is easier to evaluate the contribution and the potential of particular customers. Ness integrated a MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 system with the current economic system of Pension fund. All the information about the client, including incoming payments and paid provisions, is now available at a single point.

Evaluation of sales managers

The transparency of business process brought simplified methods of evaluation of sales managers' work. Thanks to Ness the meetings of sales managers are held online in MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 over the particular business cases and clearly stated figures. All the information about clients is stored centrally at a single point in a single environment that enables systematic work with the company clients' portfolio. In case of termination of any sales manager's work contract, Pension fund suffers no loss of information in any particular business cases. On the contrary, the information can be easily taken over by another sales manager who can continue in expanding the business.

Ness not only thought of the needs of sales management

System MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 brought another set of advantages to sales managers. With the help of Ness they have been able to increase the quality of customer care – thanks to the automation of client information gathering that is so easy to arrange in layers based on the client potential. The system is integrated with external databases of business units within the Czech Republic. Sales managers keep at their disposal an extensive catalogue of potential companies within a single environment. When they make a business offer, they are able to see the economic side of the relationship with the customer. Work orders and contract documentation can be generated right from the system in MS Office template, significantly reducing false outcomes. Users find the system intuitive and easy to operate.

CRM Expert group

The CRM Expert group within NESS, a technology and consulting company, was responsible for the implementation of the ČS Pension fund's CRM system. The quality of solutions supplied by this company is acknowledged by Microsoft Industry Award 2006 for the best solution in the field of banking,

Products and Technology

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (including Reporting Services)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 insurance and finance management.



Pension fund of Česka spořitelna entered the Czech market in 1995. Since March 2001, Česka spořitelna which became a member of the strong Central European financial group of Erste Bank in 2000, has been the 100% owner of pension fund. Pension fund of Česka spořitelna therefore has at its disposal excellent operating conditions as well as the ability to offer its clients continuous improvement in the quality of services offered. Within the frameworks of its private and business programmes, Pension fund of Česka spořitelna offers private individuals, as well as corporate clients, state subsidized supplementary pension plans under the best conditions permitted by law.

„During the implementation of CRM in Pension fund of Česka spořitelna, a.s. Ness proved to be a company managing a team of professionals who not only fulfilled our vision of a functioning CRM in our company, but they also were able to expand the vision further and fully satisfy us as a customer."

Ing. Aleš Poklop, member of the Board and Director of sales and marketing