CRM in ČD Telematika

Getting an excellent view increases business efficiency

​New CRM solution on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 platform helps ČD Telematika, a.s. efficiently evaluate achieving its business targets not only within the entire company, but also individual groups of products and solutions, customer segments and sales people. The members of the sales team thus got an instrument covering each business case in its entire life-cycle from opportunity identification, through negotiations up to closing a contract.

​A single application, but comprehensive overview

  • Unified methodology for evaluating business targets and actual results within the entire company
  • Excellent view of business case development for both members of the sales teams and company management
  • Unification of business case data from various systems to a single application – bids, orders, contracts, projects…
  • Fast implementation of the solution during only five months

Ness as an optimal partner

The customer chose Ness for realization of this solution thanks to its team of experienced CRM consultants and rich CRM solution implementation reference. The project covered initial analysis, solution design and implementation on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 platform and training including user support. The Ness specialists succeeded to finalize the entire project within only five months.

​Customer needed to unify processes

There are several divisions in ČD Telematika, a.s., which differ significantly by their subject of enterprise. They are production and installation of electrical and telecommunications equipments, provision of telecommunications services, application development, IT services operation and provision, outsourcing or HW and SW equipment service. Related to the new business management model cross the entire company, the implemented CRM system supported all unified business processes.

​Situation Solution targets
Particular segments of the company that differ significantly in their subjects of enterprise did not have any unified methodology for business case evidence and evaluation and targets fulfillment. Moreover, information about the traded opportunities often disappeared with the employees who left the company.

Unify business processes and launch a tool for life-cycle management of particular business cases,

monitoring and predictions of business targets fulfillment and registration of key documents and information about particular business cases.


 "CRM system has provided us new opportunities in areas of strategic management and decision-making. Thanks to getting an instant overview of current revenues, ČD Telematika has become more flexible."

Jan Riegert, Project Office Department Director

CRM solution – complex business overview

CRM solution covers not only key business processes, but provides also tools helping the sales team achieve a complex business case overview on a single spot, without deploying any other external systems. The CRM archives, among others, all activities related to the client or business opportunity, bids, orders, contracts, controlling orders and Maximo realization system orders. Thanks to connection to Microsoft Office SharePoint, one can connect each entry with documents, which can be stored in and displayed directly from the CRM.

​Integration to the related systems

The solution is unique, as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 system integrates all business case related records archived in various systems and supports data verification with respect to both external and internal data registries.

​The solution is integrated to the following applications:

  • Lotus Notes – internal application Contracts database
  • SAP R/3 – orders (SAP CO), demands (SAP FI) and user information (SAP HR)
  • IBM Maximo – orders of the Maximo system
  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server – disposal site of documents for CRM
  • Ares – administrative register of economic subjects of the Ministry of Finance
  • DOČD code list – code list of suppliers and purchasers of the Czech Railways


ČD-Telematika, a.s. provides a broad range of products and services from telecommunications, informatics and telematics with contractually guaranteed parameters. To provide services, it uses the second largest ICT infrastructure in the Czech Republic, central data disposal sites, server farms and development, service and further specialized worksites. Czech Railways is its most significant customer. Further significant clients include telecommunication operators, incl. provider of an academic network CESNET, public administration and a range of significant companies with decentralized administration.