CRM in CK Fischer

CRM helps CK Fischer know its customers better

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution brings complex customer information administration – contact details, excursions history, segmentation data, complaints. In Fischer travel agency, it has increased utilization of business potential at its customers.

Situation Targets
Data base of CK Fischer was fragmented into several information systems and simultaneously a range of data was duplicated. The submitter did not dispose of customer communication history, and therefore was not able to use such information while selling next tours to existing customers. At the same time the background data for sales analysis and customer segmentation were not suffi cient for managing targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Identification of the customer once he comes to the travel agency or during a phone call
  • Knowing the customer better and making sales of the services more efficient
  • Centralization of communication with the customer including history
  • Possibility to segment customers for targeted marketing campaigns (e-mailing, active calling …)
  • Evidence of customer complaints
  • Removal of duplicities in data


Increased administration efficiency and focused sales

The customer asked for a standard, proven and stable solution enabling fast putting into operation, but at the same time also adjusting to his needs. Increased administration efficiency of customer information, communication with the customers and increase in focused active sales were the key components of the solution. 

Ness and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Solution focus was concentrated to customer administration, therefore CK Fischer was logically choosing a system from this area. Simultaneously, it was searching for a company that is able to implement solution quickly and in high quality. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 solution won in the tender, a CRM solution with worldwide reference, long supported by a range of specialists all around the world. And Ness became a supplier of this solution, thanks to its size and rich experience from implementations in a range of companies and various segments. 

More efficient sales thanks to deep knowledge of the customer

The set up system solves processes in various areas of the company. The main focus lies in administration of customer and passenger information. All accessible customer data (contact details, history of purchases and nonrealized cancelled orders and eventual complaints) are centralized. Moreover, they are connected to all accessible passenger information – contact details and a list of tours they have taken part in. Any communication with customers (e-mails, phone calls, meeting) is recorded. All sales point and call centre workers dispose of all relevant information about the customer and so they are able to immediately classify him during a personal meeting or a call. The entire picture of the customer is sketched in by information about exercised complaints. The complaints department administers receiving, settlement and archiving of complaints, including complaints managed by the ITQ

code. Line flight tickets department administers sales of line flight tickets, car rents and other related services. Workers of the travel agency and mainly tour dealers and product managers communicate together in a structured way mainly about customer demands after individual excursions and line flight tickets. Communication is centralized, transparent and focused on the customer.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 solution, thanks to online interconnection, communicates with the reservation system about the customers and booked excursions. It is very important that any information is being put to the system just once. Information is gathered not only for operative use, but also for future analytical processing. The analysts are able to generate various reviews as per various monitoring parameters, gather them to contingency tables or use a whole range of pre-defined and made-to-measure configurations for the analyses.

Marketing people can segment the customers by creating various marketing lists. The various lists can be targeted by various marketing campaigns. While administering the campaigns, they can monitor the budgets and deployed communication channels, give tasks and evaluate the outcomes.

Technical solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is a solution based on proven .NET technology and being deployed over a robust and stable Microsoft SQL 2008 system. The technology enables using of both a web-client and a client integrated to Microsoft Office Outlook. The system is interconnected to a reservation system Bewotec DaVinci by web services and XML files. The MS Dynamics system is used by 250 em​ployees in CK Fischer.

Main contributions

  • Increased excursions sales thanks to prompt identification and classification of the customer who visits a sales point
  • Accurate purchases of accommodation and transport capacities based on analysis of a larger amount of accurate data
  • Better outcomes of marketing campaigns thanks to better targeting
  • Acquiring a unified information centre about customers and passengers and decrease in administration cost
  • Ability to create flexible analyses (even in real time) and decrease in the related cost
  • Faster, easier and more accurate responses to complaints



FISCHER Travel Agency – a member of finance and investment group KKCG – is one of the three largest travel agencies in the Czech Republic. It provides complex tourist service to its clients. Besides the overseas vacations in more than 80 seaside destinations all around the world, it offers also skiing in the Alps and sojourns at European metropolises. For its clients, it offers the ever largest choice of seaside vacations on the Czech market.

Success of FISCHER Travel agency is based on its reliability, broad supply portfolio, high-quality service, professionalism and personal approach to the customer.

​"CK Fischer realizes sales by its own affiliates, franchises and partner network. Customer Relationship Management system implemented by NESS opens new opportunities how to work with customer information during sales in branch stores and call centre as well. Our workers now have a tool for fast identification of the customer, understanding his preferences and so they are able to offer the most convenient tours. And this will unambiguously lead to increase in customer satisfaction and increase in sales."

Petr Švarc, Sales Director CK FISCHER