Dispatch Control Station

ČEZ Distribuce, a.s. used 5 different dispatch control systems with different grades and also heterogeneous technological equipment. After several years of system´s operation there was a need for exchange of the system.

​ČEZ announced the tender for replacement and supply of a new unified dispatch control station already in 2005. After a few years of looking for the right solution, the ouput was still ambiguous, so the tender was canceled and ČEZ announced the new tender for Unified Dispatch Control Station (DCS). Thanks to the experience gained in the first phase of replacement in 2005, the client had an exact and also specific key requirements for the new system:

  • DCS must be homogeneous for the whole distribution network
    • New system must replace several disparate systems in the 5 regions, where ČEZ manages its distribution network
  • DCS must allow the operation of the unified database
    • Dispatcher at any location must be able to manage any part of the distribution network anytime
  • DCS has to have any successful reference
    • Already implemented and used technologies 

NESS Technologies has at ČEZ to become one of the participants of this tender. Ness started to cooperate with ELEKTROSYSTEM on the tender. ELEKTROSYSTEM successfully installed, developed, implemented and now runs many of its own control systems.

In this project ensured

Ness Technologies

  • Infrastrucutre
  • System integration
  • Project management


  • Application level
  • Control and conversion of data from the original systems to the new DCS

Common solution of Ness & ELEKTROSYSTEM was identified as the best. As a result, Ness was chosen as the partner and winner of the tender. The project started in July 2010. The completion and approval of the Implementation project was an important milestone, which described the required functionality of the new DCS in detail and the implementation was started based on it. The role of ČEZ was not just about cooperation in creating and commenting on the implementation process, but also about the most important – collecting the data for DCS. Thanks to excellent cooperation of the parties, the first part of DCS (VH voltage level) was successfully tested already in one year from the beginning of the project – in July 2011. The next phases also succeeded in fulfillment to the time schedule, so the final six-months phase Go Live & Support was started in accordance with the plan – in December 2012.

Both sides have agreed in the beginning of the project, that any of the change requests would not influence the process of implementation, so after the successful project completion, there is accumulated number of suggestions for improvement and development of DCS. 

Take advantage of our experience

Progress of the implementation process

  • The Implementation project
    • Detailed specification of the tender and definition of the detailed implementation plan
  • Implementation of DCS for the various voltage levels
    • Control tests were done at the supplier´s headquarter firstly and then the system was implemented at the client's side
    • Collecting, conversion and migration of the data
    • Schemes for the part of VHV and HV were taken by ČEZ professionals to ensure a high quality and timeliness, data for LV were imported from GIS
  • Parallel operation
    • The original control systems were still in use as a backup untill the client was verified about the full functionality of the new DCS

Examples of the reaction time of the DCS

  • Displaying of the distribution grid scheme on the monitor till 2 sec.
  • Shift windows or scaling on the monitor screen till 1 sec.
  • Update of the distribution grid´s scheme after input from data concentrator till 1 sec.
  • Execution of the command till 1 sec.

The required throughput of DCS

DCS is able to process the following number of changes (inputs of data concentrators and other systems) without losing any data and without any functionality limits:

  • Up to 1,000 changes from one or more data concentrators in one region in 1 sec.
  • Up to 9,000 changes from data concentrators in one region in 10 sec.
  • Up to 50,000 changes from data concentrators in one region in 1 min.
  • Up to 4,000 changes from data concentrators in all 5 regions in 1 sec.
  • Up to 36,000 changes from data concentrators in all 5 regions in 10 sec.
  • Up to 200,000 changes from data concentrators in all 5 regions in 1 min.

Benefits of the solution supplied by Ness

  • Information from the whole distribution network is accessible at each locality at the same time
  • Each locality can be managed from every dispatching place of distribution network
  • Navigation to the place of alert – in case there is any alert, systems can navigate the dispatchers to the specific component in the scheme
  • Intergation to other systems, e.g. GIS, SAP, CRM & Callcentre, …

ČEZ distribuce manages

  • 160,000 km of very high, high and low voltage lines
  • 230 110 kV/HV transformer stations
  • 58,000 HV – LV distribution transformer stations
  • 43,344 GWh of electric power in 2012
  • 3.5 million distribution points