Mobile Phone Management implementation

Ness Technologies has deployed a mobile device management (MDM) solution at Skanska to help bolster data security on company mobile devices with various operating systems and to improve IT support for employees.

​The client requested a solution that would provide control over mobile phones that use company data. Realizing that it would be impossible in the future to use only devices that run on a single operating system, Skanska required a solution that would support the management of all prominent mobile operating systems, both existing and future. Taking into consideration the burden on its own IT, Skanska was looking for a solution that could be easily implemented in the company infrastructure, is easy to operate, sufficiently intuitive and userfriendly for administrators.

Our solution

In order to secure mobile data and manage mobile devices at Skanska, Ness chose the Mobile Virtual Smartphone Platform from MobileIron – a comprehensive solution for the remote management of company mobile devices that works as part of the company's IT infrastructure. The solution permits the integrated management of telephones and tablets with various operating systems in real time. It is able to continuously monitor the operation of individual devices and proactively warn users before they exceed limits for calls, texts and data. The solution reduces the risk that company data will be misused if telephones are lost or stolen.


Initial status Solution goals
Skanska employees are using an ever increasing amount of company data and information (including sensitive data) on their mobile devices. Unlike company computers, mobile devices were not protected in any way; as a result, data fell beyond company control. In addition to tools for safeguarding company IT, a system was also missing for the effective management and setting of mobile devices, for access to company email and calendars and for using certificates and VPN.
  • To enhance the security of company data in the mobile devices used by employees and to enable them to use their own mobile phones and tablets.
  • To simplify device configuration for access to company email and calendars.
  • To integrate and centralize mobile device management.
  • To improve support for the users of mobile telephones in solving potential problems.


The MobileIron Mobile Virtual Smartphone Platform handles several main tasks:

  • Security – The administrator can perform a range of operations such as remote locking, localization or the deletion of a mobile device in the case of an imminent threat to data. Only company data can be erased from private telephones. It is also possible to define a precise list of specific mobile devices that have access to company email and contacts or other systems and applications (CRM, ERP, etc.).
  • Encryption – The MVSP is able to encrypt telephone memory, including memory cards, and to block the use of phone functions such as the camera, WiFi and others.
  • Central administration of company mobile devices – In the area of management and settings, the MobileIron solution permits the central management of company mobile devices and support for employees. It is possible to perform the remote setting of parameters and the backup of telephone contents; to monitor operational status, deploy security certificates, automatically update applications and data, and more.
  • Application management – The solution also makes it possible to keep records of applications, select recommended applications and restrict those that are not permitted. It is also possible to prepare an "in-house" application shop with recommended company programs. When internal applications and systems are mobilized, IT obtains a tool for deploying and managing these on mobile devices.
  • Optimize operations and reduce company expenses for mobile communications – The Mobile Intelligence function continuously monitors the operation of individual devices and proactively cautions users before they exceed limits for calls, texts and data. As such, the function prevents "invoice shock" when a data connection is used in roaming. 

Ness mobile security and mobile device management

Although Ness has been involved in security and the remote management of mobile devices in its mobile communications solutions for years, it is only now with the dramatic development of mobile communications and the rise in the use of smart mobile devices that the security of mobile company data has taken on a greater urgency. Ness is a leader on the Czech and Slovak markets with in-depth knowledge of the issue of company mobile security, management and the support of individual mobile operating systems. As a contractual partner, Ness implements MDM systems from leading global suppliers. The company also publishes reports on mobile security and mobile device management in the professional press and on specialized servers. 

Main benefits of the solution

  • Increasing the security of sensitive company data on employees' mobile phones and tablets.
  • Limiting the risk of the misuse of company data in the case phones are lost or stolen.
  • Centralized management and oversight of mobile devices with various operating systems.
  • The possibility of remote setting of mobile devices without the necessity of their physical presence.
  • The management, distribution and updating of applications on mobile devices.
  • Support of mobile devices with iOS, Android, Symbian, WP7, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry operating systems. 



The Skanska Group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is a business unit of the worldwide Skanska Group, a construction and development concern based in Sweden. The group is involved in construction activities, especially transportation, civic, residential, engineering and industrial projects, as well as development and facility management.

"The mobile devices of our employees contain an increasing amount of company data. The costs and the demands of technical support have also risen with the development of mobile communications in our company. We have therefore decided to take a major step in increasing the security of company mobile devices and the possibility of remote support. The Virtual Smartphone Management Platform solution that Ness helped implements in our company will allow us to effectively respond to new trends in this highly dynamic area."

Josef Novotný, ISIT manager, Skanska, a.s.