O2 Back-Up

Ness Technologies developed a new unique service O2 Back-Up for customers of the mobile operator Telefonica O2. The users are allowed to remotely store their data from mobile phones and the service is free of charge.

Main benefits

  • Useful and attractive service for the customers
  • Safe and comfortable storage of data and contacts from mobile telephones
  • Professional stored data centres

New services addressing the customers

Highly competitive environment of mobile telecommunications motivates the operators to introduce new services addressing both existing and new customers. Successful services have to be attractive for customers, useful, easily manageable and reliable. With the O2 Back-Up service, the operator enabled safe and comfortable storage of data from mobile phones for the customers. Your contacts and calendar entries can be sent by a mobile network to secured data servers and archived for eventual future needs. Therefore, the customers will not lose valuable contacts in case of a loss of their telephone or they can easily transfer the data to a new device. Introduction of this service was supported by satisfaction of Telefonica´s customers in England and Spain who are already using similar services. To use the O2 Back-Up service, your telephones have to fulfil only one single condition to support SyncML technology, however currently this is not any issue for almost all modern mobile devices.

Reliable solution

Ness delivered new services for Telefonica O2, when Ness specialists integrated the application into the operator's existing information infrastructure. To run the service successfully, Ness had to comply with the client's challenging conditions regarding mainly security and reliability. Ness also had to manage  detailed testing of tens of mobile devices to make sure the service will run smoothly. Currently, approx. 1,1 million O2 services users are allowed to store data from more than 40 types of mobile phones. Functionalities of this service as well the number of supported devices is subject to continual extension.

"Who ever lost his mobile contacts, he knows pretty well that it is fairly a small personal tragedy. We want to secure our customers from such inconveniences. Therefore, we prepared together with Ness an internet service O2 Back-Up, which enables them regular storage of contacts and calendar entries from their mobile phones. While designing this solution, we put the biggest emphasis on high level of security and general applicability of the solution."

Jan Dachovský, Innovations & Business Development, Telefónica O2

Despite complicated infrastructure, the storage process is very easy for the customer. The client clicks on O2 Back-Up in the section My Extra on www.o2extra.cz and entries the telephone number of his device and by an SMS he receives an authorization code. Then the application guides the client in five simple steps through selections and synchronisation set-up. After that the synchronisation is confirmed in the menu of the telephone and all data are sent by a mobile network to the O2 storage server. Archived data can be viewed and edited on web and if necessary, updated data can be transferred back to the mobile phone device. Main advantage (compared to standard storage by cable and PC) is the fact that the customer data are safely archived in professional O2 storage data centres. Thanks to that the customer is able to access them from any PC or telephone connected to the internet and in case of damage of own PC they are not lost.

Enhanced security and supported operations

Ness has proved it is a pioneer in innovative services and technology trends preserving customer's competitive advantage, like it was already with previous implemented services like O2 Office Connector or O2 SMSender. Ness specialists applied a proven foreign technology, which they integrated to environment of the mobile operator while sustaining high level of security and reliability of this service. Therefore, Telefonica O2 was the first who was able to provide such service securing valuable mobile data. At the same time, the operator decreases risk of that the customer stops using its service after eventual loss or damage of his mobile phone with contacts.

"While designing the O2 Back-Up service, we used Critical Path technologies integrated into the technological environment of the O2 operator. We had to comply with challenging requirements regarding reliability and security of the service. Also the service has to support a range of various types of mobile devices. However,we are pleased mostly by that we succeeded to bring our customer an innovation, which is unique on the market and creates a competitive advantage for this customer."

Jan Čaboun, Project Manager at Ness Technologies in CR

Telefonica O2 Czech Republic is a leading integrated telecommunications operator on the Czech market. Currently it is running more than seven million of mobile and land lines, which makes it one of the leading worldwide providers of fully convergent communication services. It provides the most comprehensive voice and data services portfolio in the Czech Republic.