Statistics Metainformation System

After being awarded a public procurement tender, Ness Technologies designed and implemented integration tools of the Statistical Information System (SIS) for the Czech Statistical Office, the core of the Office's data and metadata content.

Project Goal Solution goals
  • Providing and correctly interpreting full information about statistical data
  • Sharing the information and knowledge of the Statistical Office
  • Simpler preparation and execution of statistical tasks
  • More flexibility in providing information
  • Decreasing the load on respondents
  • Improve the administration capacity of the ČSÚ
  • Implement selected SMS segments for ČSÚ needs
  • Ensure the integration of the proposed solution with the "Classifications" and "Indicators" subsystems


Services provided by NESS in the project

In the project, Ness was fully responsible for the architecture design, analysis, design, development, implementation, installation, testing, training, methodological support and support of the SMS components listed above, including the management of the project. 

Design and implementation of the SMS ULOHY subsystem

For SMS, the SMS ULOHY block was designed and implemented. Its application toolset and data content transform SMS from a repository of isolated metadata descriptors (code lists and classifications in SMS KLAS, indicators in SMS UKAZ) to a complex source of management structures of the collection and processing of statistical information.

The purpose of the ULOHY subsystem is to record metainformation of statistical tasks for their presentation within the ČSÚ and with other entities of the state statistics service, and to use this metainformation in the individual interconnected operational subsystems of the Statistical Information System.

In the functional specifications phase, the scope of the metainformation to be recorded for statistic tasks above the content level of the current KLAS and UKAZ subsystems was determined. Based on this specification, a data model was designed, as well as the function scope of SMS ULOHY. One of the main features of the ULOHY subsystem is its openness in extending it with more monitored metainformation. Many metainformation objects and their properties are configurable.

The subsystem functionality includes unified object functions for the creation of metainformation entities (creation, deletion, versioning, copying) and functions for defining the actual content of individual metainformation entities, functions managing the life cycle of the metainformation entities (submitting for revision, approving, versioning), checking the quality of metadata, checking the consistency of metadata and many specific functions relating to particular metadata. The application includes a graphical user interface, following the SMS system principles.

The project included a proposal of integration with the KLAS and UKAZ subsystem, on the physical and technology level, and the subsequent creation of data and application interfaces, including the design and implementation of partial customizations to the SMS UKAZ subsystem. These customizations were resolved in the project in cooperation with subcontractors.

For the newly created SMS ULOHY subsystem, all the common stages of the development cycle of a database application were implemented:

  • initial request collection and process analysis
  • functional specifications and design of a conceptual data model
  • technical specifications and design of a physical data model
  • application engineering and FAT tests
  • user testing support
  • design and implementation of integration interfaces
  • support of integration tests and application deployment

​Design and implementation of the Statistical Data Repository

In this project, a universal repository of statistical data and its metainformational descriptors was created, intended in the fi nal SIS state as a single reference source of statistical data for presentation and repeated use. The implementation had the following phases:

  • Design and implementation of a universal statistic data repository structure, focusing in particular on the variability of the set of data types and dimensions (metadata descriptors) of this information.
  • Design and implementation of the loading processes of the data repository from production sources (processing statistical tasks), from the environment of statistical registries (Economic Entity Register) and the unified metadata descriptor environment (Statistics Metainformation System).
  • Prototype solution of the output layer of the data repository for the needs of a specific statistical task.

In the project, all common phases of the development cycle of this application type were implemented for the new Statistical Data Repository:

  • collection of requirements for data content and data flow
  • concept design of a data model, the content of data interfaces and loading processes
  • detailed technical specification of the loading process functions and the design of a data model
  • application engineering and FAT tests
  • support of user tests and application deployment

​Used technology

  • Oracle Database PL/SQL
  • Oracle Forms
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Oracle Workflow
  • Oracle BI Discoverer



The Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ) is a central body of the state administration of the Czech Republic.The ČSÚ provides statistical services for the state. It ensures statistical data are gathered and processed, and provides them to state authorities, regional administration bodies, to the public and abroad. It also ensures the mutual comparability of statistical information on the national and international level. The basic mission of the Czech Statistical Office is to create an objective, comprehensive picture of the economic, social, demographic and environmental development of the Czech Republic and its parts.

"When choosing the partner for this first in a series of projects, we stressed the ability to guarantee the deployment of an information system that is in accordance with the needs of the particular area and the capability to adhere to the timetable of the project. In an open public procurement tender, we have selected the Ness company. The goals of the tender were fulfilled; the project was implemented in required quality and on time, in accordance with the contract and budget. Based on our positive experience, their work responsibility and openness to close cooperation with the customer, we consider Ness a highly professional partner."

Ing. František Konečný, Director of the General Methodology and Registry Department of the ČSÚ