Ness provides a wide range of solutions and services to the manufacturing companies that enable them to streamline and optimize processes and improve the quality of provided services.

​​​​​​​Companies engaged in production, distribution and sale of products face strong pressure in order to keep low costs while maintaining profitability with minimum margins.

Ness services are designed so that they can maximize the efficiency of the entire production and distribution chain. On one hand they reduce the need of investments and operating costs and on the other hand they increase information availability, user comfort and productivity.

Our approach to manufacturing

  • We share know-how and best practices across verticals and we create innovative solutions from them
  • As an independent software and hardware integrator we cooperate with various technology leaders – therefore we always offer an optimal solution to our customers in accord with their requirements, current situation, environment and technological trends
  • We have expertise in solutions and services for both strategic and operational management  
  • We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services covering IT support of all main business and manufacturing processes

Examples of our solutions

  • Enterprise resource management and planning systems (SAP ERP and Oracle eBS)
  • Real-time production control systems (MES – Manufactory Executive System)
  • Advanced planning systems (APS)
  • Management information system (BI – Business Inteligence)
  • Production flows monitoring through barcode system
  • Customer portals – product configurator
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Customer Information Systems (CIS)
  • E-mail platforms in the cloud (Google Apps & Office 365)
  • Management of document circulation and document managing systems (Sharepoint, Documentum etc.)

Our references

We have been active at the European markets, specifically in Middle and Eastern Europe, since 1990. We have extensive know-how in the area of manufacturing and we are agile in reactions to dynamic changes in this segment. Not only big manufacturing companies like Vítkovice take advantage of our services long-term, but also medium and small sized companies outside the Czech Republic.


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