We perceive the Insurance industry as a specific financial market segment with very different laws, rules and standards.

Besides Insurance companies we understand the inseparable role of other subjects in this industry such as brokers, liquidators, assistance companies, oversight bodies (Czech National Bank), regulatory bodies (MF) and professional associations (Czech Insurance Association, Czech Insurers' Bureau, Association of Czech Insurance Brokers, …).

Our Services for Insurance Industry

… cover the industry as a whole. We observe the development of insurance market, publish its analyses and estimate trends of further development. On their basis we recommend our customer an optimal solution.

We can help you in these key areas:

Knowledge of the Client

Information about clients, their behavior and references are invaluable for each insurance company

Client Sharing

Setting rules for sharing clients is not universal. It must respect the peculiarities of each insurance company, its product portfolio, distribution model and client structure

Credible reporting

Current information on financial situation of the insurance company and all the changes are necessary for its successful management

Activity Based Costing

Method of determining the cost price based on allocation of the maximum volume of indirect cost into direct costs

Proactive Customer Relationship Management

Way to stable growth

Web Sale

Ensuring the quality of sales promotion within the business network is one of the most important conditions for business development. Negotiation using paper forms brings many restrictions and complications

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