Ness Technologies delivers technologically advanced solutions and proven systems for defense, security and telecommunication markets through its Technologies and System Group (TSG).

Ness TSG utilizes decades of experience, technological expertise and stable customer base. We provide systems and professional services for a wide range of military, paramilitary and telecommunication organizations. 

Ness delivers innovative command and control systems as well as crisis management solutions from strategic through operational to tactical level. Unique combination of different information together with our unique know-how in data retrieval provides integrated management of data and Geographic Information Systems. Our training systems comprise combat operations, air defense, intelligence analysis, visual surveillance and special weapon systems. Ness offers powerful mapping systems in real time for tactical mapping.      

Ministries of Defense worldwide, government agencies, defense industries and large Internet services providers are among our main customers.   

Types of our solutions

  • Advanced Command, Control and Crisis Management
  • Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Knowledge Management
  • Telecommunications and IT management
  • Training systems
  • Real-time Geographic Information System

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