We have used the knowledge of authorities managing basic registries, agenda systems and our complex know-how not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the European region.

​​​Make use of our know-how of system integration and efficient utilization of cloud solutions in the public administration. We have a dedicated team of specialists with the knowledge of public administration standards and of the authorities' environment as well as a detailed knowledge of basic registries and possibilities of their utilization by other agenda information systems.

We bring proven solutions from other countries and more than 20 years of experience, including projects with EU funding.

Our solutions

  • System of Basic Registries (RUIAN, ROS)
  • Complex Information Systems
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Cloud solutions – publishing subsystem
  • Systems for Data Collection, Reporting and Work with Metadata
  • Healthcare Information Systems, including mobile solutions and telemonitoring services in the area of assistive technologies
  • Document Management Systems & Digitization
  • Internet and Intranet Portal Solutions
  • Information Security
  • Purchasing Systems

Specialized centers of excellence

Basic registries

Within the competence of basic registries we offer knowledge and experience gained in projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the field of real estate cadastre and statistic.

  • analysis, development, implementation and long term improvement of complex information systems for the departments of real estate cadastres, including DMS
  • information systems containing data layers of superstructures over the data of real estate cadastre (both government and commercial subjects)

We deal with the needs of institutions which provide and coordinate statistics on the national, European or global level on a long-term basis (EUROSTAT, ECB, WHO etc.) and of organizations regulating and supervising a certain group of subjects (e.g. Czech Statistical Office, Czech National Bank).


Within its Outsourcing Center of Excellence, Ness offers proven methods for all phases of the project and delivery, strong project management, and mechanisms for quality management. For public institutions, Ness offers services for the management of their complex ICT environment in order to increase speed and quality of IT services. It provides continuous monitoring of systems and applications for economic and administrative agendas. It performs proactive protection of systems and continuous adjustments according to legislation in force.                 

Digitization and document workflow management

Ness solutions cover not only a range of activities associated with documents - from their creation and generation to their digitization and archivation - but also processes associated with their circulation and processing. Ness is active in this industry for more than 10 years, and in the meantime, it has developed its own methodology, taking into account international standards and methods.


  • Real Estate Cadastre Information System (ISKN) and its long term development for the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre
  • Cadastre portal for the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Authority of the Slovak Republic 
  • Statistical meta-information system for the Czech Statistical Office
  • Integrated Electronic System for the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
  • Meta-information system for the Czech National Bank
  • Economic and Agenda Information System for the City District Prague 1
  • Operations Center Information System for Emergency Medical Services of the Capital City of Prague
  • Outsourcing of Complex ICT Environment for the City District Prague 4, roofing economic and other agendas
  • "Publishing Subsystem" Portal for the Ministry of Regional Development Czech Republic
  • Solution for the Circulation of Request Forms in the General University Hospital in Prague
  • SAP ISU implementation for the Railway Energy Management
  • Official Portal for Business and Export
  • Electronic Marketplace (SEPO) of the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic for transparent purchasing in the form of public procurement
  • Digitization and Storage of Data for the Military Historical Archive
  • Intranet Portal for employees and e-shop for customers of Prague Public Transit Company
  • dozens of projects in the field of defense, security, and air traffic control in many countries of the world

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