Travel & Transportation

Ness utilizes its integration capacities in the area of intelligent transportation systems and telematics.

​​We leverage our experience and competence in the area of basic registries in public administration and processes over the travel agendas of the Ministry of Transport when designing and implementing tailored solutions to national legislation.

We respond to the current needs in transport, where the EU member states address the issue of mutual interoperability of transportation-administrative agendas, their interconnection and support.

As a long term partner of the state administration we enforce compliance with safety standards and platforms also within cloud solutions.

We meet the demand of:

  • Large agglomerations in the areas of clearing, billing of transactional data between individual carriers or integrators and interconnection of this data and systems to support the Smart City projects
  • Mmember states for guaranteed need of mutually sustainable awareness of traffic, congestion and accidents in areas such as National systems of traffic information and Intelligent transport systems  

Selected Competences for Transportation

  • Ness successfully implemented extensive toll system in Israel, which uses modern technology GNSS (GPS) including central system and other peripherals (accounting, billing etc.)
  • We have experience with monitoring systems for state administration (ENFORCEMENT) particularly in the segment of traffic monitoring and control, database registries, including transport administration agendas
  • Ness has developed and currently operates an extensive solution for crisis management and critical situation management in the infrastructure of large urban agglomerations, including transportation and integrated rescue system
  • We cover the demand for a comprehensive solution of high-speed weighing of trucks in compliance with the law No. 347/2009 Coll. and 13/1997 Coll. on infrastructure
  • We offer a parking system solution according to customer's needs, using the infrastructure of contactless identifiers and closed camera systems including transaction modules, parking terminals and import of data to customer's ERP


  • Information system for the Operations Centre of Emergency Medical Services of The City of Prague    
  • SAP ISU System Implementation for Railway Energy Administration
  • Intranet portal for employees and e-shop for customers of the Prague Public Transport Company    
  • DMS Integration with SAP system for the Prague Airport, a.s.   

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