It is necessary to react flexibly to dynamic changes in the utilities segment. Also thanks to the number of successfully implemented projects, our specialists have thorough knowledge of the utilities industry and its needs in changing market conditions.

​​​Utilities around the world face new challenges today, ranging from globalization to local customer relationship management. Ness provides technology and business support services to Utilities in Central and Eastern Europe:          

  • Reducing operating costs  
  • Smart grid services
  • Deploying ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle that streamline business management 
  • Comprehensive support and automation of distribution processes and energy trade
  • Standardization of corporate processes and document circulation
  • Unifying billing and CRM procedures
  • Improving reporting, business intelligence and data analysis
  • Reducing data transfer risk, errors, time and manpower

Together, these solutions drive increased operating efficiency and improve company value.

Our Services for Utilities

Ness Technologies offers a complete portfolio of services that help utilities to increase productivity, reduce costs, react to the changing business environment and support their continual growth. The largest producers and distributors of electricity, gas, heat and water have been using our services on a long-term basis in the Czech Republic and abroad, for example in Slovakia, Bulgaria or Romania. Ness has over 150 professional consultants specialized in the utilities sector in Central Europe who share their knowledge and experience efficiently in the European region.   

Our company is independent of technologies from a single vendor; we always select the most suitable solution based on thorough analysis of customers' needs. We develop long term collaboration with leading global suppliers of information technologies and we constantly expand their portfolio. 

Ness Services Focus:

  • Creating maintenance and business optimization platform
  • Delivering more information to overviews (BI) for business analytics
  • Managing the overall relationship between the company and the client
  • Simplification of billing
  • Lowering risks of energy trading
  • Deploying sophisticated technological solutions
  • Energy production optimization

Examples of our technological services: 

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP), including SAP and Oracle platforms
  • Customer Care and Billing Solution (CIS, CRM)
  • Energy Trading solution (TRM) 
  • Resource Management Services (Asset Management)
  • Maintenance and technology management solutions, such as technical information systems, enterprise asset management (EAM), HR and GIS.
  • Planning, optimization and maintaining balance in energy production 
  • Support services, including business information and tailored solution development 

Why Ness...

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Leading system integrator of Utilities in the CEE region (30 customers, over 200 projects)
  • More than 150 professional consultants in Utilities
  • Technological independence, various platforms for the main processes
  • Innovative solutions and timely reactions to the market transformation 






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