Campaign management

​​Even smaller businesses can have strong marketing…

Marketing is heavily influenced by an enterprise's economic and technical parameters and in particular by its size. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) cannot simply copy the marketing of large enterprises – usually, they do not have a separate marketing department with sufficient resources and investment funds to run large-scale promotional campaigns.

The use of new channels is one of the biggest opportunities for SMEs, and this includes not only today's extremely popular social networks. By using these channels, enterprises can, thanks to their own flexibility, show their strengths and differentiate themselves from the competition. However these strengths are often lost when random and poorly managed marketing activities are carried out without the necessary tools.

Typical deficiencies of SMEs in running campaigns

  • Lack of Segmentation
  • Insufficient control of marketing expenses
  • Lacking tool for collective addressing
  • Insuffi cient analysis of results of ongoing or completed campaigns
  • Inefficient staff management

We can help you to

  • Boost productivity – efficient planning and campaign administration
  • Increase the number of campaigns and potential customers
  • Implement customer segmentation
  • Improve planning and control of employees' activities
  • Have better overview of campaign costs and profitability
  • Coordinate multiple channels, including social networks

Campaign Management is the solution

In managing marketing campaigns, we must not ignore any of the three basic phases – planning, management, and evaluation. The Campaign Management tool, developed by Ness Technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises supports all of the aforementioned processes. The tool is based on the application of Microsoft's operational CRM, which is compact and robust enough for reliable and effective campaigns. At the same time, clients can operate the tool in the cloud, bringing considerable investment savings and adding functionality that improves user convenience. ​

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Campaign Management​

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