Mobile Questionnaires

Nowadays data need to be quickly and easily acquired, processed and evaluated, and the results have to be used correctly.

Best way to do this is while still using the device that sales representatives or other employees in the field have at their disposal. This is especially true for companies, whose business is data collection, transmitting and evaluating. Everyone working in the field needs current data from corporate information systems and data just acquired from the customer simultaneously.         

Common problems with data collection in the field

  • Speed of data delivery
  • Overview of the amount of collected data and documents
  • Quality of delivered data and amount of information
  • Overview of the subject – payment culture, amount of purchased goods over the last period
  • Ease of search for sites and filling out the document

Solution: Mobile Questionnaires

Collecting mobile data from questionnaires is the solution. Questionnaires are defined by requirements e.g. of the marketing department linked to the place of business. Completing the questionnaire is optimized for mobile smart phones. Questionnaire data are collected in the central server from which they are transmitted into other customer's systems or are used for BI reporting.   

The solution can be easily expanded by up-to-date customer data from your information systems such as payment culture, amount of purchased goods in the last period or, where appropriate, data for cross sell and current events plus further information.  

Main Benefits

  • Fast and easy mobile data collection and processing outside the company (mobile sales, surveys…)
  • Monitoring performed evaluations and speed of data delivery to the central office = cost savings
  • The solution uses GPS coordinates for easier orientation in the field and search for sites (establishments, branches)  
  • The solution is compatible with all mobile platforms (Windows Phone, iOS, Android)
  • Easy extension of remote mobile access to information directly from the information system (inventory, client's payment discipline, orders and other factors affecting the success of business)  

Why Ness?

  • Knowledge of the customer's business environment – our certified experts approach the solution in relation to the customer's business
  • Integration with other corporate applications – thanks to experience from system integration we can optimally connect NESS Databox to your information systems    
  • Experience of successful solutions – we have implemented many projects for significant customers in segments of Finance, Telecommunication, Utilities, Retail, Public Administration…  
  • As an independent SW and HW integrator cooperating with technology leaders we can always provide our customers with the most suitable solutions according to their requirements   

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