Sales representatives and other employees in the field have to work with up-to-date corporate data and documents every day. If they are in a paper form they need to be carried, completed, sorted and otherwise organized.

Common Problems

  • Sales representatives have difficult or no access to current price lists, catalogues, documents and presentations of products and services 
  • Operating, working or technological documentation exists only in printed form and is not flexibly accessible offsite
  • Training materials and teaching books for employees and customers are copied in paper form
  • No quick and cost-effective way of preparing electronic corporate documents for mobile devices
  • Printing and distributing the documents brings additional costs  

Solution: TouchPedia

  • Sales representatives can present services and products to customers and partners directly from mobile devices with a complete description and always current prices 
  • Service personnel has catalogues with actual data always at their disposal in the field 
  • Employees have actual materials for corporate courses and trainings always at hand
  • Distribution of materials for mobile workers happens quickly and with economy

Where and how to use the solution?

TouchPedia is universal and highly flexible tool that will be appreciated by users from various areas. It can be used anywhere where data, documents and papers are used for work and which need to be sorted by their utilization. The solution is therefore ideal for banks, insurance companies, pharmacology, healthcare, manufacturing, power industry, transport, tourism, wholesale, retail… and for other fields.     

How to use the solution…

  • As a service with a monthly payment 
  • On your own server

Your own corporate design and features can be personalized throughout the solution. Contact us in case you want to try the solution or get more information about the price lists and conditions.

Examples of Utilization… 

  • Business and marketing materials for sales representatives
  • Mobile library of training materials for employees
  • Mobile price lists and catalogues of products and services for sales representatives
  • Library of operational documents for service personnel
  • Information, texts and document files in personal cloud storage
  • Corporate guidelines, work and technological procedures for employees 

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