Ensuring high-quality sales support within business network is one of the most important conditions for business development. Forget about paper forms – they only bring restrictions and complications.

Ness Technologies developed a solution, which provides retailers a rich set of features for the entire trading process including contact, offer and contract management… Companies thus gain an efficient and flexible tool for distribution of products into business network, provision of support to retailers and ensuring an efficient network management. Ability to change product parameters and distributing them into the business network without interfering with the application itself is a great advantage of the solution.

Our solution will help you to:

  • strengthen market position
  • support sales efficiently
  • reduce costs of taxation and contract management
  • accelerate introduction of new and updated products
  • flexibly react to market situation
  • analyze the work of sales representatives and change strategy on the basis of outputs 
  • reduce dependence on IT professionals

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