Energy Management

Efficient value-added services

Current situation at the energy market turns the business of electricity delivery more to commodity trading than a service provision. Rising competition together with the decreasing uniqueness of any supply causes that the PRICE of electricity is a crucial element.             

The way how to protect the market against this turnover is to offer effective and new value-added services. Don't watch the price drop, don't fight with competitors in the price wars nor push the electricity to commodity market, but change your business with our solution – Energy Management.

Make use of the opportunity to provide your clients with value-added services and change their way of thinking.        

Value-added service is a suitable business tool for retention and acquisition and brings many benefits for all parties involved…       

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  • Online or semi-online information on the real consumption and peaks
  • Better consumption management
  • Comparison of consumption with similar consumers
  • Predictive information on breakdown of appliances, weather, etc.
  • Gaining tool for managing and control of consumption in each locality
  • Protection of the company against big technical & non-technical losses
  • Audit of consumption and reports to management
  • Comparison of consumption with other departments and consumers
  • Revenue potential
  • Retention-acquisition tool = differentiation from competition!
  • Ability to provide more value-added services (hot-line, audit, prediction...)
  • Efficient marketing tool for communication, campaigns etc.
  • Possibility of new business (financial consulting, audits, sale of appliances)
  • Online information on the possible capacity for accumulation
  • Ability to predict local production and consumption
  • Greater efficiency in balancing production and consumption



  • Information on consumption (online / semi-online)
  • Energy audits – comparison of consumption with similar consumers
  • User-friendly portal for consumption management
  • Greater efficiency (e.g. replacement of old appliances with high consumption under HW grant) 

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Energy Management

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