Google Apps

Do you want to increase productivity and streamline your company’s business? Do you need to reduce maintenance demands and cut IT costs? Or quickly and safely expand your IT services?

Google Apps are worth the change 

Companies are seeking ways how to streamline their business, gain new customers and increase their profit in a highly competitive environment. That is the reason why they use Google Apps. 

Challenges Google Apps
  • more complex management and extension of branches
  • necessary changes of IT structure during company's growth
  • seasonal fluctuations
  • more efficient internal communication and collaboration
  • mobile access to data
  • operative extension of services as necessary

Costly Infrastructure

  • purchase and maintenance of servers, data centers
  • purchase of software licenses
  • fully utilized corporate IT by infrastructure maintenance

Reducing Costs per User

  • pay only for the service you actually use
  • IT department can support business and company
  • High security of provider's servers with automated data backup

Barriers to Team Collaboration

  • data fragmentation across various applications
  • dependence on corporate IT department support

Streamlining Collaboration

  • data integrated in cloud
  • intuitive control, even an amateur can be administrator

Low Productivity of Employees

  • up to a quarter of time is spent searching for information
  • no remote access to corporate data

Employee efficiency

  • easy searching across all applications
  • mobile access to corporate email, calendars and documents


Benefit from Google Apps with Ness Technologies support…

  • Knowledge of the customer's business environment
  • Integration with other corporate applications
  • Continuous customer service in Czech 7/24  
  • Experience with successful projects – in finance, telecommunications, utilities, retail and public administration

Overview of Google Apps services

Corporate Electronic Mail

  • Custom mail domain
  • 30 GB storage for each user
  • Good searching
  • Efficient spam filtering

Calendars and Planning

  • Easy arrangements of meetings
  • Sharing of calendars
  • Integration with electronic mail
  • Easy resource planning (rooms, cars…)

Document Editor

  • Online creation of documents, spreadsheets, presentations
  • Setting access rights by one click
  • Independence on terminal device system
  • Group editing in real time

Chat and Telephony

  • Free calls and video calls
  • Operation also via mobile platforms
  • Videoconference of up to 15 participants

File Storage

  • 30 GB storage for each user
  • Unlimited storage of Google Apps documents

Web Publishing

  • Easy creat​​ion of intranet, extranet, web
  • Fast sharing
  • Integration with other services

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