Group Leader

Group Leader Office is a unique solution designed for the specific needs of the production line with connection to HR processes. The application directly supports production as a main process and its economical return in very fast.

Main Benefits

A system supporting the work of Group Leaders (production foremen) in companies with production line

  • increases occupational safety
  • monitors ergonomics
  • reduces risks of injury
  • prevents the unauthorized from working at specific workplace
  • is directly connected to HR processes

What specifically can Group Leader Office do…

The module contains a definition of workplaces at all production lines of the company. Each Group Leader can divide the workplace under his/her responsibility into groups (teams) where individual workmen rotate during the working hours.

Health Checks/Trainings
Supports monitoring of defined legal trainings, health checks and other trainings which the worker must (also repeatedly) undergo and must be valid so the worker would be eligible to perform the work. 

Absence and Leaves
Data about real absences import several times a day from the connection to an attendance module. Absences can be planned; the plan will also automatically show participations in trainings.

Knowledge and Audits of Workers
Module for the record keeping of knowledge processes and valid legal trainings at individual line workplaces.

Register of Health Problems
Enables the analysis of health problems register – how many workers were sent to the doctor, how many have incapacity to work and how many can work (even with a health problem). 

You can set in the Administration module: names of shifts, working hours, breaks, lines, work on lines, prescribed trainings to workplaces, workplace processes, types of trainings, planning plant shutdown and holidays, extra shift and others.   

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