Maintenance Planning

The Maintenance Planner is an integrated tool enabling one place in SAP to comprehensively support all operations necessary for checking and editing objects that are used in SAP PM for planning and implementing the equipment maintenance.

​​​We will give you solutions of the following problems…

  • You do not have a comprehensive view of the plan status and the actual performed maintenance
  • You do not have a simple possibility to visualize the maintenance plan in future?
  • You have to go through a vast number of transactions before you find the required information
  • You cannot plan non-periodic operations in maintenance
  • The maintenance planning procedure is difficult and records high error rate
  • You lack a comprehensive reporting evaluating the maintenance plan status and fulfillment
  • You lack an overview of the planned and actual maintenance costs in detailed breakdown

With the Maintenance Planner you will obtain…

  • A tool for easy and efficient planning of maintenance at technical equipment for up to 40 years
  • Functionality of displaying Calls (Orders) for a selected group of technical equipment, facilitating planning and re-planning through the Drag&Drop technology          
  • An intuitive tool that significantly accelerates planning and performance of maintenance in SAP
  • Support of mass planning and re-planning of maintenance, for mass generation of Orders (or Notifications)     
  • Expansion of the possibilities of utilizing the Maintenance Plans – the existing functionality is complemented with a new interface making the work with Maintenance Plans easier and expanded by the possibility to plan non-periodic operations      
  • Easy orientation in the statuses of planned works with the help of color symbols with automatic notification of conflict statuses   
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Detailed monitoring of maintenance costs and their comparison with the plan

The Maintenance Planner will bring you…     

  • Time (and cost) saving during maintenance planning and checking
  • Decreasing the error rate in the maintenance planning and increasing the equipment's reliability
  • Control over withdrawals from the maintenance budget 

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Maintenan​ce Planning

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