Enhance the performance of business processes!

PROCE55 solution covers critical corporate processes specifically in logistics and production, but also financial, purchasing and sales processes in continuous operation (24/7). It provides useful features that are lacking in standard systems. 

PROCE55 provides an ergonomic user interface, eliminates errors and greatly simplifies operation for middle management. It enables quick training of operators which allows efficient implementation also in operation with fluctuation of less qualified workers.         

User Needs PROCE55 brings
  • Enhance productivity and reduce process costs
  • Quickly and easily customize system features to the changing business requirements
  • Automation of specific processes
  • Work with one system only and do not enter duplicate data
  • Ability to work during as well as out of operation of the central application
  • Simple, understandable, user-friendly solution
  • Enhanced process productivity                    
  • Preconfigured processes with the necessary functions and data structures while maintaining maximum flexibility of operational changes
  • Ergonomic user interface
  • Extremely flexible automation, integration and subsequent continual process optimization
  • Fast return on investment – fast implementation, advantageous license and pricing policy

Typical Utilization

Extensive experience in the automation of critical corporate processes for international customers resulted in configurable solutions specialized in specific industries. They are part of the PROCE55 solution and usually stand as the basis for the fast development of customer-specific solution.

What can the PROCE55 offer to you...

  • Industry-focused solution which brings a competitive advantage to the customers 
  • Existing corporate information systems functionality extension
  • Optimization of process and transaction management
  • Performance measurement and continuous improvement of business processes
  • Continual process adaptation in a quickly changing business environment  

With the PROCE55 solution it is possible to develop applications up to ten times faster in comparison with traditional programming, and in such cases they achieve exceptionally short time needed to put them in operation.    

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