The need to transmit large volumes of data is increasing. At the same time an emphasis is put on streamlining corporate costs and faster transfer of information with appropriate security.

​​Data are often confidential, big and manipulation with them is time-consuming; for example presentation and offers, CAD files, financial information, marketing or multimedia files and another information for customers, suppliers, auditors, partners, project teams, marketing agencies...

People in companies often transfer data with difficulties, unnecessary problems and loss of capacity via the Exchange e-mail server. Because of the aforementioned problems some people choose to use alternative services of free repositories, which are threatened by data leakage and data transfer is untraceable and uncontrollable.

Common Problems of Big Data Transmission

  • Security (both internally and among external subject)
  • Unnecessary load and capacity loss of e-mail servers
  • Minimum control options
  • Information leak when using free or unsecured services

NESS Databox is the Solution

  • Provides safe bulk data transfer from and out of the company. Gigabytes of data are transmitted as a stream and stored in central database storage
  • Transmitted data are monitored, controlled for the presence of viruses and compliance with the defined rules
  • Gaining control over the transmitted data, saving mail servers' capacity and therefore cutting operating costs. Extended options for addressing the audit are another advantage

Main Benefits

  • Compliance with regulations, laws and standards to ensure privacy and security of your data and business partners' data
  • Problem-free and secure transfer of large amounts of data
  • Essential protection and clear records of all sent data – ability to trace data and potential leakage
  • Enhanced security and efficient operation of mailboxes
  • Possibility to set more restrictive and economical policies of mail servers
  • Easy implementation and cost reduction

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