Mobile Banking

The number of smart phones among mobile users still increases and SMART technologies have become the most trusted communication channel for banks and their customers.

​​The ability to manage bank account anytime and anywhere has become a common expectation of clients.​Professional banking applications for smart phones bring new valuable customers to banks, whose priorities are flexibility and convenience. Smart phones present a standard today and offer user comfort incomparable with any previous technology.

Interactivity defines a modern bank

Mobile banking using smart phones gives banks a chance to gain and retain customers of a younger generation who are often reluctant to enter a traditional relationship with a bank. Mobile financial services support banks as both modern and interactive institutions with services tailored to individual customer needs.

Banks need…

  • to offer up-to-date, interactive services
  • a new customer communication channel
  • low-cost sales channel
  • to gain customers  of a younger generation
  • a solution independent of technological platform

Ness Mobile Banking brings

  • efficient channel popular with customers
  • mobile gate for banking
  • fast market research
  • customer support services
  • integration of social network marketing
  • a solution compatible with bank systems supporting new mobile platforms

Ness Mobile Banking contains...

  • client applications compatible with all commonly used types of smart phones
  • administration interface for bank personnel
  • authorizing centre for management and validation of authentications of employees
  • server part responsible for communication with mobile devices
  • Integration adapter for communication with key bank systems

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