SAP Enterprise Support

IT departments in many companies have to face maintenance and corporate software enhancement requirements, while handling everyday operation and problems.

Companies often have to decide where to focus their attention and invest time of IT department which may lead to system inefficiency and failures. That is the reason why companies worldwide rely on SAP® Enterprise Support – to ensure predictability, flexibility and stability in system support.

Typical customer needs

  • Continuously enhance corporate software while not neglecting the everyday operation
  • Target the attention of IT department to added value for the company
  • Maintain business continuity – prevent IT systems inefficiency and blackouts
  • Efficiently manage the ever-changing complex IT environment

SAP Enterprise Support by Ness Technologies

The goal of SAP Enterprise Support is proactive and complex IT environment management throughout the whole lifecycle of applications using SAP Solution Manager. SAP Enterprise Support goes far beyond the reactive, everyday technical support. It provides strategic partnership with clients helping them with better implementation, operation and innovation.

SAP Solution Manager

Centralized application for the operational support and SAP application development. Can be used at all IT organization levels both for SAP systems and non-SAP environment.

Solution Manager covers all key lifecycle phases of an IT solution – design, implementation, maintenance, operation and continuous enhancement of the software environment for IT and business customers. This enables to increase responsibility of the IT environment and cut total costs of SAP and non-SAP software.

SAP Enterprise Support Benefits

  • Integrated SAP application lifecycle management executed with SAP Solution Manager Edition, with extended functionality for deployment, operation and continual innovations of SAP solutions
  • Global 24x7 support for critical errors including analysis of major causes
  • SAP support consulting centre (24x7) as a direct communication channel
  • Service-level agreement (SLA) including priorities of incidents
  • Test management for SAP systems under SAP Enterprise Support, SAP-provided tools helping with optimization of regress tests content and preset testing templates and test cases
  • Proactive technical quality controls (TQCs) during the implementation, operation and upgrades
  • Sending off instructions for configuration and provision of best practices for the management and operation of SAP systems

Why Ness Technologies

We are a global SAP partner and we have extensive experience with implementation of their products in various industries and public administration in many countries worldwide.

In the area of SAP solutions we can offer

  • More than 21 years of experience with extensive domestic and international SAP projects
  • Know-how of 150 specialist in the CEE region and more than 900 worldwide
  • State of the art technological solutions in various verticals
  • Local presence – global know-how – offshore development
  • Quick and cost-efficient implementation
  • Project management methodology

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