Selection Procedure Portal

…is an intuitive web application designed for selection procedure administration.

It enables publishing selection procedures, accepting suppliers´ proposals and evaluating them. The main goal of the application is to speed up the purchase process, make it more transparent and simplify it and so save time and money. 

Contributions of the Selection Procedure Portal

  • Transparent process and detailed control over the entire purchase process and related financial flows
  • Ability to monitor every selection procedure
  • Capacity to manage higher purchase volume under better conditions
  • Fast return on investment thanks to significant cost savings on the purchased goods
  • Financial savings thanks to elimination of uncontrolled purchases  

The application provides

  • controlled registration of your suppliers in individual areas of demand
  • selection procedure categorization
  • purchase process delegation to various levels
  • on-line information on the course of the selection procedure for you and your suppliers
  • motivation factors for suppliers

The application is provided also as a Service (SaaS)

  • with Microsoft Windows Azure platform
  • with 99.8 % accessibility
  • with deployment within days
  • without the necessity of your own investment 

Documents for download

Selection Procedure Portal

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