With the unique QlikView application, you will get immediate, comprehensive analyses of your data from different angles without having to hire IT professionals. You will get answers to your questions within seconds.

In-memory analysis and reporting – easy, efficient and fully mobile

By using in-memory technology, the QlikView allows for data analysis simultaneously at the summary as well as the detailed level, and the time-consuming and costly step of building a robust data warehouse or possibly OLAP multidimensional cubes​​ is eliminated. As data is stored in RAM, any calculation response is very fast even in the case of large volumes of data analyzed simultaneously by multiple users. QlikView also provides full protection and security of your data.

 "Data never lie" or typical benefits of QlikView…

34% increase in employee efficiency 20% reduction in production costs
186% return on investment 96 % satisfied users
23% increase in cash flow 16% increase in revenue

Anytime and anywhere – Mobile Business Intelligence

The mobile and offline QlikView functionality is an interesting option for employees who travel. After synchronizing QlikView application data, users in the office receive full access to the "portable" analysis and reporting on the go. By using the iPhone client or Java mobile edition (compatible with BlackBerry), users can directly access server applications, perform analyses, and enter queries anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of QlikView

  • Without heavy investments or IT professionals you obtain easily and quickly comprehensive data analyses from various angles
  • Intuitive environment for simple use and modification of reports
  • Immediate response in case of data volumes that amount to billions of records
  • Reports can be developed from any single or more data sources, data warehouse is not required
  • ​Full-text search 

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