eHealth BI & Reports

Business Intelligence approach to eHealth offers a large amount of valuable data and possibilities of their use for the benefit of patients.

​Ness has specific know-how and experience in documenting process results, depiction of states and information in form of predefined as well as ad-hoc created reports over central national eHealth data. 

These reporting capabilities in eHealth are focused on clinical depersonalized structured information, that cannot be considered private, because they represent clinical records strictly separated from identification patient data. 

The following can serve as typical examples of data overview from central clinical databases: 

  • statistics of prescription activities and laboratory tests 
  • correlation analyses of prescribed medication according to drug categories depending on diagnoses, indication groups, regional distribution of prescription and drug dispensing etc. 
  • quantitative and qualitative statistics and analyses by individual providers and physicians and expertise 
  • monitoring the effectiveness of prescribing in terms of application of generic prescription, repetitive prescriptions for a patient or a group of patients 
  • overviews focused on fraud detection by healthcare providers and patients 
  • trend analysis of selected indicators and “what-if” analyses of prescriptions, substitutions and drug dispensing 

The individual pre-configured outputs correspond to the preliminary requirements of the Ministry of Health on shaping the state health policy and monitoring of its compliance, surveillance authorities, health insurance companies, Statistical Office, Eurostat, and and are useful for research, development and education process at faculties of medicine. Users can create ad-hoc statistical reports according to current needs, e.g. during epidemics. 

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