Change Management

Change management is a discipline of management which requires systematic approach, applying principles of project management and of course the appropriate funding.

​​Think about the implementation of key projects in context

Change management in an organization is an integral part of leadership and management. Companies find themselves in a period of changes in the current economic environment strengthened by the lingering economic crisis. The change is permanent more than ever and its successful management is essential for organization's ability to survive in a competitive environment.

Key projects in organizations which include:

  • expansion of business activities, e.g. by means of acquisition
  • implementation of a new information system that touches core processes of the organization
  • using new communication channels such as social networks
  • acquisition of a new customer segment
  • streamlining the company as a result of adverse economic development

...go usually hand in hand with the change of business processes, organizational structure and concept of management. That requires parallel project implementation and change in setting the format and rules of organization's operation.

Main objectives of organizational change management

  • Meeting strategic objectives and ensuring the expected return on the project
  • Reducing risks of project failure due to lack of preparedness of the organization
  • Motivation and training of individuals for new work roles

Our Approach

In managing organizational changes we become partners of senior managers as well as middle management representatives who are responsible for implementation of individual changes. Our support is not only methodical, but we also put great emphasis on understanding the rules of organization's operation, motivation of individuals and factual issues that are affected by the changes. Knowledge of the specific environment allows us to be a qualified partner for our customer in case of own design of changes and processing the necessary analyses.

We particularly rely on experience of successful projects when designing and implementing process changes in many organizations together with our experience in change management when deploying information systems.

We perceive the overall concept of change management as a complex process which aims to ensure achieving the benefits of targeted implementation and deploying ECM / DMS. The process is a summary of activities, needs and decision that are created, controlled and verified during the entire project lifecycle.

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