eHealth Strategy and Management

Ness is a reliable partner for the computerization of the healthcare segment, strategic visions, analysis and search for projects of the digitization of data and healthcare processes.

Ness has built a strong competence in the field of creation, development and implementation of the strategy during the computerization of the healthcare segment. 

We are a partner for transforming needs of individual healthcare stakeholders to strategic visions, search and analysis of various projects focused on the digitalization of healthcare processes and data. 

Ness offers cooperation in developing the computerization strategy and preparation of projects that implement selected parts of the strategy with the aim of creating integrated environment of national or regional information and supporting eHealth system. 

Professional teams of architects, designers and consultants for HW and infrastructure can help you to build eHealth solutions for the needs of information systems of healthcare providers at regional or national level.

For these projects, Ness offers qualified and certified methodologies and professionals for project management and project solution, related to healthcare computerization. Ness project managers use a wide variety of reliable tools for project management support and compliance with project management methodologies, analysis and detection of risks as well as an active reporting focused on the solution quality and meeting project plan deadlines.

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