IT Strategy

With our extensive experience in system integration with complex IT projects (including outsourcing) and our own data collection we can offer unique services in IT strategy development including benchmarking of IT costs etc.

​​Market Situation

The role of IT (supporting processes with information technologies, data management etc.) is crucial for efficient functioning of business. IT management linked to strategic business goals is a prerequisite for company's success and an area, where we can help you to find an optimal solution thanks to our IT expertise.

This includes the definition and optimization of all processes which need to be covered within IT management, setting efficient resource utilization and ensuring the control and coordination of all related activities including risk management.

Managers are exposed to everyday reality and to the need to make decision on the following matters...

  • Do you feel, as a top manager, that IT in your company is not working efficiently?
  • Do you feel, as an IT director, that your department is not fully appreciated?
  • Do misunderstandings in communication repeatedly appear between business and IT and have a negative impact on meeting business objectives?
  • Is your IT department overloaded with work that is carried out at maximum with regard to the available resources, and yet the outputs do not meet your business expectations?
  • Are the important milestones in IT projects postponed repeatedly (e.g. release, data migration, deployment?

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