Custom Application Development

What systems, technologies and methods should be chosen to optimize performance, productivity and return on investment?

​That is a crucial question in today's dynamic and rapidly developing technological environment. It is normal to have very unique functional requirements with a complex scope of technologies. This means product offerings from various software distributors that can be easily integrated and can efficiently communicate with each other.

Many companies have specific requirements regarding functionality and integration due to business processes or competition. This can be solved with the custom application development. Many companies are also mistaken when they think that there is a solution to their needs that can be easily and immediately deployed.

Typical situations and their solution

You do not want to pay for functions that you do not need. Most of the software packages bring thousands of functions that you never use

With custom software you develop only the functions that you really need.

Thanks to the custom software there will be no additional license costs for using software and you can add users simultaneously with the development of your company with no further costs.

Design solution in a way to suit your business 100% With the custom software you get exactly what your business needs and you do not need to compromise in functionality or change the way of your work.
Dependence on a single technology supplier With custom software you can be your own boss and decide what platforms to support, what new technologies to implement and when to update the software.
Some of the main packages are so extensive and complex that it can take months until you feel their usefulness With application development you can implement the solution in parts and gain benefits early, together with a fast return on investment.
The need for a large number of applications and services is growing with the development of business Allows efficient implementation of new applications at lower costs and changing business processes according to changing business needs.

Ness competence

Our own development and integration team has experience working in complex, heterogeneous environments and combines flexible and agile development methodology with an advantageous approach to service provision. The final result is a fully functional, secured application – tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

Our experienced team of experts will help you to…

  • Combine the application development requirements with company's objectives, which is one of the main prerequisites of risk minimization
  • Manage the entire software lifecycle
  • Seamlessly integrate your own applications with solutions of third parties or corporate applications
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and system support



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