Content Management

​Our need to access information increases. We want to make quick and accurate business decisions using information, processes and communities – all from a single access point.

Therefore the pressure to strengthen and integrate systems and websites and to ensure single company storage is increasing as well. Business clients, employees and partners want to use the content and services anytime and anywhere across the whole company – easily and securely.

Efficient teamwork contributes significantly to the quality improvement, product development and customer service. Tools which support them are necessary for such communication and efficient collaboration.

Our Solutions

We will provide you with a solution for document and information management that will enhance your company's efficiency and productivity. Take advantage of all the benefits coming from successful integration of many technological sectors incl. social networks, Business Intelligence, Document Management and website development. We create portals and provide services for collaboration in an accessible and visually appealing format.

We can help you with these challenges

Safe and efficient sharing and retrieval of information and documents
  • Employees do not have an access to the latest information from the company
  • Documents are exchanged via e-mail and it is not clear, which version is actually update
  • No secured environment for protection of confidential information
Comprehensive set of self-service tools for "anytime, anywhere" collaboration
  • Impossible to share information between branches
  • Documents are often stored on employees or randomly in various folders
  • Important people working outside the company do not have the needed information available on mobile devices
Optimized processes supporting close relations with customer
  • No system for controlled document creation – approval, comments
  • No automated data management for quality improvement and cost reduction
Technologies and best practices for efficient information management
  • Inability to connect employees, customers and partners with people and information for better business decisions
  • Dependence on mostly paperwork system

We cover the entire customer's lifecycle

  • evaluation, strategy and planning: We define solutions according to your needs; we identify possible benefits, problems and risks and we create a plan how to achieve the objectives.
  • architecture, design and implementation: We transform the planned solution into a detailed plan how to get information and streamline or enhance processes.
  • consolidation and migration: We help with a fluent switch from old portals and applications to a new, more powerful solution.
  • service management: We train the users and IT support experts. We implement the management procedures and lead the organization through the management change.

Why Ness...

  • Implementing the EMC tools for more than 10 years
  • Dozens of successful implementations and certified specialists in document circulation management
  • Combining experience from various industries – SharePoint Internet portal for a large Czech bank
    • Document circulation and record services for important banking houses in the Czech Republic (ECM Documentum platform)
    • Knowledge Base portal for a large multinational food company
    • Approval portal for a Czech energy group

…and many others

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