Output Engine

Choosing the right marketing utilization of invoices and other regular reports for customers can increase customer loyalty while saving on printout costs.

Efficient Communication Channel

The main advantage of the Output Engine is the combination of various input data into a single output with an option to focus on a given customer or segment with targeted marketing information. This way of communication is more economical than other types of advertising, more natural to the customer and much more efficient with the frequency of marketing reports.     

Centralized Solution

Nearly all companies need to deal with the management of print output. Because these solutions are not operation-critical, however, they often use the current printouts from individual internal systems, which are very difficult to further develop. Once the number of printed outputs starts exceeding hundreds of thousands of documents per month, management thereof becomes inefficient and costly…

In such cases, a centralized solution not only justifies the resources invested, but also creates additional benefits in the form of optimization and greater efficiency and usability. The outputs can also be easily enhanced with promotional and marketing messages.

Main benefits of a centralized solution

  • Combination of various input data into a single output
  • Easy editing of output design with template design sharing
  • Savings up to 20 % on the costs to generate, print and send documents
  • Easy modification of print templates for generating docu​​​ments while shortening the time-to-market
  • Increases the effectiveness/number of reads of a promotional message

Why Ness...

Ness Technologies independently implements the Output Engine solution which can be deployed using two technologies – GMC and EMC xPression. Our experience is based on the actual implementation of integration projects together with data cleaning and consolidation.  Based on our experience and knowledge, we select the optimal solution for the client, to utilize the potential of current data as much as possible while fully respecting the client's requirements for the future state.                                     

We can also provide the service in SaaS mode. This is essentially a turn-key solution, only receiving the customer's data and transforming it into print outputs at the price of a service.

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Output engine

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