Mobile IAM

Mobile IAM helps to overcome IT challenges that are required by today’s organizations’ demands on user mobility, and to provide end-to-end visibility and control over individual devices, users and applications, even in mixed infrastructures.

Support of employee-owned devices can bring considerable savings (e.g. costs of acquisition and operation and management of these devices), but it also requires a guarantee of user experience and force employer to consider not only process, but also security aspects. The employer therefore needs to deal with not only Mobile Device Management in order to prevent leak of corporate data from these devices, but also with the protection of corporate networks against possible threats coming from these devices.

The basic idea behind the partner solution Enterasys Mobile IAM (Identity and Access Management) is to provide a complex BYOD solution which brings complete security, full control over IT and predictable network and application behavior for all users.

Benefits of the solution for customers

  • Profiling access device at multiple levels – up to 50 attributes including automatic operating system detection, physical type of devices, MAC addresses, locations etc.
  • Integration with MDM (MobileIron, Sybase and others), but also VoIP (Avaya, Siemens and others), energy efficient systems, videoconferencing systems, virtualization management (Vsphere, Microsoft HyperV, Citrix XenServer)
  • Flexible deployment – within days instead of weeks or months
  • Solution scalability from 500 identities up to 100 000
  • Open solution compatible with networks of other manufacturers (RFC 3580 support) – implementations for several customers also in the Czech Republic
  • Unified database – hosts, users, device type, operating system, location, condition
  • Helpdesk tools
  • Large number of reports including the ability to create and edit them
  • Transparent dashboard

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