National Health Network

Ness provides high availability of services of the complete eHealth solution by building an appropriate infrastructure.

​Ness has experience in developing the concept of National Health Information System and its interconnection with information systems of healthcare providers and other entities (e.g. health insurance companies, Ministry of Health, surveillance authorities, etc.).

The Health Information System represents a managed and controlled, relatively closed network on the basis of VPN and IT tunnels, with monitoring of the state, availability and network security as a whole. Network designed like this contributes to the security of Health Information System against intrusion, ensures availability of resources and applications and secures availability of medical data and fulfillment of the mission of interoperability.

Ness provides high availability of services thanks to redundancy of individual parts of the solution and updating the selected subsystems without service interruption. 

Using virtualization allows flexible capacity management by using infrastructure, implementation of the IaaS, PaaS, SaaS approach, or hybrid solution.

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