Access Management and Mobile Security

Nowadays there is a growing number of applications, users and possibilities of access from various devices to valuable data that the applications are using. These data must be available only for authorized users.

Thus the need to ensure efficient identity management, using strong authentication methods and access management increases as well.

Ness Technologies provides a complex access management to information services. Besides other things we offer Mobile Identity and Access Management in a unique combination with Mobile Device Management. That allows maximum user mobility together with control over devices, users and applications in mixed infrastructures, and enforcing security rules in mobile device operation.

Benefits of Access Management and Mobile Security

  • Improving security and minimizing risks
  • Reducing costs of system administration and HelpDesk requirements
  • Increasing provides services level and employee satisfaction
  • Changes in access to systems are implemented immediately and identity data are consistent 
  • Increasing resistance of the organization against attacks from managed devices
  • High mobility of employees

Our Services

  • Identity Management – consultations, design and implementation of a solution (e.g.IBM Security IM, Oracle IM, MS Forefront IM, ...)
  • Implementation of Mobile Device Management solution in conjunction with IAM
  • Encryption of mail, stored documents, local disks
  • Implementation of NAC (Network Access Control), or Mobile IAM

Implementation of Single Sign-On solution etc.

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