Cyber Security Centrum

We know that the technology alone is not sufficient. You need a holistic approach based on a proven methodology. And that requires enough resources which is not easy for many companies.

​At the same time the new cyber security law creates a new obligation to implement an escalation process over IS monitoring, thus introducing SOC – Security Operation Center – which can be outsourced outside the company/organization.

Ness Technologies in cooperation with Ness TSG offers a solution of this problem – Cyber Security Center (CSC). Dozens of experts are employed there and they offer customers, both large and small companies, services of cyber security 24/7 adjusted according to their requirements. The service includes a control room for management, monitoring, digital forensic lab, emergency team 24/7, possibility to consult specific issues with security experts, sharing and retrieving relevant information from various sources, training, practice and other services. Each customer chooses the services he needs and pays monthly fees accordingly.

Main Benefits

  • All cyber security services under one roof, customized according to customer's needs
  • Cyber Security Center 24/7 providing services across Europe
  • Mitigating threats in advance using continuous monitoring and analytic mechanisms
  • Supporting your organization with forensic and emergency teams and data recovery options
  • Increasing the level of security and alert of your organization
  • Efficient and cost-effective services allowing you to save costs and focus on the core business


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