eHealth Authentication and Security

In addition to user-friendliness, data security and protection of personal data is crucial for the computerization of healthcare.

Managing data security and protection of sensitive and private patient data is the key issue in the computerization of healthcare. At the same time, security systems must comply with legislative requirements on protection of personality, but their solution cannot significantly restrain or block the access to data and using the eHealth resources.

EHealth security at regional or national level requires integration of dozens of security subsystems focused on data access protection, unwanted data modification or illegal copying, transfer to various media and cloud storages.

Ness Technologies offers secure integration of authentication of health professionals accessing the National Healthcare System via information systems of providers, hospitals, pharmacies or laboratories with implementation of SSO systems. 

The specialized authentication of citizen, patient, during the access to private or shared medically relevant data in various storages of National Health Information System has been mastered as well.

Ness has experience and know-how in integration of citizen or patient authentication with systems supporting international interoperability and access to health records for cross border provision of healthcare. 

To increase trust and better acceptance of eHealth by the patients it is necessary to clearly define which clinical data are sensitive for the patients. And to set rules accordingly on how to approach the different levels of patient’s data sensitivity. Subsequently they need to be embodied in legislation and thereby allowed to be put into practice. Ness has many years of experience in defining and application of such rules as part of security concepts.

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