IT Security

Cyber threats and advanced attacks are becoming more common and they threaten public and private organizations as well as individuals. They pose a threat to critical and valuable information in internal information systems.

​​​​​Companies no longer manage security based on ad hoc projects. They perceive that firewall, antivirus or secure identity is not enough to avoid both external and internal threats. Therefore external professional teams and outsourcing of these services is a logical choice.     

We do not associate information security only with technologies. It should be addressed through a comprehensive plan.  Ness Technologies is a worldwide leading provider of a wide range of services in the area of cyber security for both local and global clients from finance, telecommunication, manufacturing and government sectors. Our global teams have a complex know-how and many years of practical experience.

Ness Approach...

Technological Independence

  • Independence of a technology or partner
  • Long-term cooperation with global leading IT suppliers
  • Always at least two platforms covering each area from ERP to Mobile Device Management

Professional Services & Consulting

  • Our team of specialists helps organizations with efficient security management​​
  • We help to solve current security problems
  • We adapt all our services to the type and size of our customer

Security as a Service

  • Our services are delivered in a secured and reliable infrastructure that meets the standards and regulations
  • We hold the ISO 27001 and National Security Authority certifications

Our Services

We offer the solution of information and communication (ICT) systems either as a complex information security system (risk analysis, security policy design, evaluation, creation and implementation of security measures, identity management etc.) that complies with the ČSN ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS) requirements and is ready for future certification, or in a form of creating only a selected part or collaboration on its creation according to customer's needs and requirements.

Examples of Ness Services

Some of our clients in the IT security services

CERMAT (Ministry of E​​ducation)

Delivery of full set of Information security management documentation​

Czech Statistical Office

Penetration testing​​​​

​State Administr​ation of Land Surveying and Cadastre

Penetration testing​

​Waldviertler Sparkass​​e Bank AG​

Vulnerability scanning on reg​​​ular basis​

​Tender portal

Penetration testing​ and risks analysis



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