Security incident management

ICT administrators are nowadays flooded with operational data from various systems and devices spread throughout the company. Despite the implementation of powerful control mechanisms, data security can never be ensured at 100 %.

​It is important to detect the incident as soon as possible in order to respond to it and reduce the consequences to minimum. Another important step is to analyze causes of the incident and strengthen preventive measures.

Benefits of Security Incident Management and SIEM tools (Security Information and Event Management)

  • Automatic notification of possible security incidents
  • Proactive prevention of their origin
  • Consolidation and transformation of security data effectively reduces the confusing number of logs and simplifies data analysis and evaluation
  • Preventing downtimes minimizes costs of critical ICT systems management
  • Complex overview of the work of system administrators and the overall security state

Our Services

  • Consultation of the incident management
  • Evaluation and settings adjustment of the security incident management process
  • Establishing a center for security management and "Security Operation Center" services (detection of security incidents, response to them, sending information, analysis of causes and recommended actions)
  • Evaluation of whether the logging (auditing) is set sufficiently to detect security incidents, recommendation of adjustments

Deployment of SIEM – automated tool for security information and event management

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