Enterprise Mobile Security

Employees connect with corporate systems, use electronic mail, browse websites and install new applications using mobile devices. These activities conceal security threats due to the nature of mobile devices.

​When you need to answer the following questions

  • How to encrypt data in mobile devices?
  • How to deploy certificates to corporate smartphones and tablets?
  • How to delete data from stolen/lost mobile phone or tablet?
  • How to manage access of mobile devices to information systems ie. control which devices and in what condition can access?
  • Do you want to operate mobile applications securely?
  • How to connect private smartphones and tablets to corporate systems?

Our services will help you to...

  • Develop and efficiently deploy enterprise mobile security rules
  • Implement tools for deploying enterprise mobile security policies for groups of employees (MDM)
  • Secure corporate data in case of stolen/lost mobile phones and tablets
  • Enable your employees to use their private phones and tablets at work (BYOD)
  • Ensure efficient monitoring of mobile applications

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