Mobile Application Development

​​​We offer services for design and development of mobile applications and their integration with corporate information systems.

We develop mobile applications for smartphones and tablets with the major platforms (Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry).​We develop native applications using standard tools of individual mobile platforms as well as hybrid applications.

We recommend the way of development according to the needs of required solution. Native approach is chosen in case of request for graphically intensive user interface or when using some of the native functions of devices such as BlueTooth.  

In case of mobilization of internal information systems we offer using mobilization platforms as well (MEAP - Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) which offer conceptual approach to the area of mobilization of internal applications and systems, similarly as the integration platforms did earlier.

Our Services...

  • Development of corporate mobile solution – designing a service that ensures data synchronization between mobile devices and corporate systems
  • Mobile Application Development – development of a software for major corporate mobile platforms according to client's requirements
  • Distribution of mobile applications – installation and update of applications on users' mobile devices

Our services will help you to...

  • Design and prepare a mobile solution to your corporate processes for customers or employees  
  • Develop mobile applications for supported corporate mobile platforms
  • Ensure reliable synchronization of mobile data between applications and corporate systems
  • Select and put tools for corporate application management into operation (installation, updates, deleting)

Example of Mobile Applications


Applications that allow views of data from information systems, or user configuration of data display. The examples include a view of the state of orders, goods movement, goods and services catalogs etc.


Applications that allow filling data and synchronization of items (online/offline) with corporate information system. The examples include applications for order forms, customer records, inventory etc.    


Applications that allow interacting with several information systems. Applications can then be used for product and services introduction including order preparation, booking services for travel and accommodation etc.


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