SAP Mobilization

SAP Enterprise Mobility Solutions can reduce company’s operating costs significantly while increasing its profit.

​​​Companies need to keep up with today's fast world. Expansion of mobile devices and request for access to information anytime and anywhere resulted in a high demand for corporate mobile applications. Companies have invested a lot to their internal systems, especially SAP, in the past ten years. It is obvious that with such a rapidly growing number of mobile employees the need for mobile access to corporate applications will grow as well. That will enable corporate users dealing with critical situations on-line and make decisions regardless of where they are and what device they use.

Mobilization of SAP systems

SAP Enterprise Mobility Solutions can significantly reduce company's operating costs while increasing its profit. With the efficient IT system you can improve your ability to adapt to the current economic environment and gain a competitive advantage. "SAP Enterprise Mobility Solutions" aims to strengthen financial and operating strategy, planning, budgeting, prediction and reporting.

Strategic tasks associated with corporate mobilization

  • Design and preparation of SAP mobile solution of selected business processes (for customers or employees)
  • Design, development and innovation of mobile applications for supported corporate mobile platforms
  • Ensuring integration and reliable synchronization of mobile data between applications and corporate systems
  • Selection and operation of tools for managing corporate applications (corporate application shops ensure distribution, updates or deleting of applications in users' mobile devices)

Complete offering for a successful SAP mobilization

Ness delivers complex services in the field of SAP mobility. We focus on mobile application development for employees responding with the existing corporate information systems. As a prerequisite for efficient and secure use of these applications we offer tools for mobile device management. All of these services can be provided in the advantageous form of outsourcing.

Advantages of Mobility

  • Increased efficiency of operations 
  • Increased efficiency of workers
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Greater flexibility
  • Possibility of new revenue sources
  • Reduction of costs

Our Services

Mobile assessment for SAP applications

We help companies to assess their level of preparednes​s for implementation of an enterprise mobility solution. We develop a plan of solution for implementation of applications needed for the support of customers, partners and employees.      

Consulting in the area of Enterprise Mobility Solution Architecture 

System solution of architecture and adapting to business processes, employees' roles and different configurations of devices.       

SAP Mobile Application Management

We provide management of your mobile applications, SAP support and controlled mobilization of your devices' platforms – you can always choose from internal, hosted or cloud solution.    

SAP Integration Services  

We offer comprehensive, integrated solutions utilizing the full range of Ness mobilization offering.   

Mobile SAP Application Implementation   

Implementing selected Fiori applications and related consulting services. 

Mobile Application Development

Development of mobile applications in the form of packages, hosted client, client/server and Cloud with the support of all leading operating systems. We will help you to modify business processes and prepare mobile environment that will provide access to information systems (SAP).


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