Mobile Strategy

There is a rapidly increasing number of requirements for employee mobility and their remote access to corporate systems in Czech companies.

​​​It is the result of the massive spreading of smartphones and tablets and also the intensive development of corporate mobilization in developed western countries. The demands on mobilization are rising together with this development and they raise new questions and demands on the corporate IT. They concern in particular the security of users, corporate documents and data, mobile device management and user support. And last but not least the related mobilization of internal information systems, development and mobile device management.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile strategy brings a conceptual view and approach to mobility. It is a set of materials which affects individual parts of the mobile world. The key aspect is that the mobile strategy is created at the level of the entire company or institution, as in the case with IT or security strategy.

  • Business drivers
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Portfolio and roadmap of mobile applications
  • Mobile Security
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Portfolio of mobile devices
  • Processes

Without the mobile strategy you can get into situations that will at best impact only the costs, for example when the mobile devices, on which the required mobile applications cannot be used, are acquired, or when the devices cannot be sufficiently secured or remotely adjusted.

What you gain

By developing a mobile strategy which respects the existing requirements of your company or institution you will gain specific outcomes and recommendations:

  • What mobile devices to purchase
  •  How to provide access to internal information systems on mobile devices
  •  How to deal with mobile applications' development
  •  How to secure mobile devices, or more precisely the stored data
  •  How to manage and control mobile devices, how to choose a suitable MDM tool
  •  Specifications for tender of a Mobile Device Management tool

At the same time we determine three priority areas that need to be addressed. Specific steps that should be undertaken in the next 3, 6 and 12 months are defined for each area. You will get a roadmap of strategic and tactical priorities which will help you to address the key areas.

Our Approach

When creating a mobile strategy we proceed from our own methodology which is based on our experience in individual areas of the mobile world. Mobile strategy designs recommendations for individual areas on the basis of information gathered (internal factors) and general or sector-specific trends (external factors). The methodology therefore covers everything important and the resulting mobile strategy provides a comprehensive view of the customer's situation.​


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Mobile Strategy​​

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