SAP Outsourcing

Ness Technologies application outsourcing services for SAP enable your organization to increase productivity, quality and service reliability.

​Your SAP applications must be available whenever your company needs them. But the budgets are tight and the needed capacities to effectively maintain, support and enhance those applications are often missing.

IT directors are looking for a solution which would renew the SAP infrastructure and will address the current company's needs – increased performance and lower total costs. Innovations as cloud or mobility not only effectively solve these needs but are important for the future of business. That's why companies also look for reliable outsourcing partners of their SAP applications.

In the SAP Solutions area we can offer…

  • More than 20 years experience with extensive domestic and international SAP projects
  • Know-how of 150 specialists in the CEE region and more than 500 worldwide
  • Latest technological solutions in various verticals
  • Local presence – global know-how – offshore development
  • Fast and cost-efficient implementation
  • Custom project management methodology

SAP Outsourcing offering
by Ness solutions

Ness Spot Ness Regent Ness Room BPO

SAP layer model 

Business Proces Outsourcing SAP Application, HR & Facility & Service Management, Operational Excellence, Processes, Knowledge Base​X
SAP Application Management Change Management, Maintenance, Improvement & OptimizationXXX
SAP Application Operation Interface & Event Management, Authorization, Service Desk, 2nd and 3rd level support XXX
SAP Basis Version control, Performance monitoring, Batch Management, Release ChangesXXXX
Database DB Software, DB Sizing, DB Tuning, Backup & Recovery, Updates, Installations etc.XXX
               Operating system Operating software, Backup & Recovery, Patch management, Updates, Monitoring, Security, Performance managementX​​XX
SAP Hardware platform Network, HW (servers, firewalls etc.), HW Installation & Maintenance, Virtualization, Data centers (incl. hosting/housing)XX


Ness Spot Ness Regent Ness Room BPO
  • Efficient partial service – whole process and solving occasional capacity problems
  • Performed services guarantee
  • Extra competence of areas not covered by the client
  • Comprehensive application management
  • Optimized and standardized solutions
  • Lower SAP operational costs
  • No major investment – clear OpEx or hybrid CapEx for SAP solution
  • Fast ROI and lower TCO
  • Scalability and flexibility off setup and use
  • Contribution to the result
  • Transaction payment model – only for actually performed work
  • Fast ROI and lower TCO
  • Scalability and flexibility off setup and use


Why Ness

Ness created a custom private cloud solution specifically for SAP with new license models.

Resulting solution is an integrated offer/delivery with full-control support over the application environment incl. internal and cloud applications. Ness fixed-price solution for SAP presents an opportunity to reduce both operational and capital expenditures. We take care of complete services related to deployment, infrastructure management and ongoing maintenance, support and application management. And good news for your CFO: the entire solution is paid in monthly fees with no investment at all.

  • Retain your cash and gain more control over your expenditures with monthly fees model
  • Achieve better technological and business performance
  • Save the cost of implementation, continuous adjustments and updates
  • Eliminate investments in backed up HW and SW
  • Reduce IT operations costs

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SAP Outsourcing

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