eHealth Cloud

Take advantage of our experience in developing, maintenance and operation of cloud solutions for the needs of eHealth.

Professional teams of architects, designers and consultants for HW and infrastructure can help you to built eHealth solutions for the needs of information systems of healthcare providers at regional or national level. 

Ness has experience with securing the designed architecture against Internet risks by building a system and tools for internal security and protection of data sources against illegal retrieval or modification of sensitive medically relevant patient data.

Ness provides its partners with:

  • Design and implementation of a cloud project that fully meets the requirements of the EuroCloud Star Audit on cloud solutions 
  • Analysis of current Internet threats for cloud solutions, design and implementation of protective solutions against Internet threats and attacks 
  • Project and implementation of cloud infrastructure security tools 
  • Design and implementation of an internal monitoring system for application and data management focused on preventing mass download of sensitive patient data 
  • Project, monitoring and ensuring the availability of cloud services 
  • Development and optimization of SLA for the needs of providers and users of IT cloud services 

For the eHealth solutions Ness offers support by cloud architecture using application logic on virtualized servers with flexible infrastructure configuration management according to current needs.

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